• Cooperation with CENIM (Madrid, Spain) and Cranfield University (Cranfield, UK): researches of anomalous optical and heat condiction properties of planar metamaterials based on multilayer nanolaminate niride-metal and oxide-metal coatings. Some results are published in: A. I. Kovalev, A. Yu. Rashkovskiy, D. L. Wainstein, R. Gago, F. Soldera, J. L. Endrino. Influence of electronic structure, plasmon-phonon and plasmon-polariton excitations on anomalously low heat conductivity in TiAlN/Ag nanoscale multilayer coatings. Curr.Appl.Phys. 16 (2016) 459-468
  • Cooperation with McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada): researhes of fatigue micromechanisms in wear resistant multilayer coatings on cutting tools. There was found new phenomenon of "material memory", or inheritance of microplastic deformation on late stages of fatigue wear. The approach of time rows fractal analysis was used. The paper «Features of tribooxidation and damageability on early wear stage of single layer (TiAlCrSiY)N and multilayer (TiAlCrSiY)N/(TiAlCr)N coatings under high speed cutting» will be published in the March issue of journal «Physico-chemistry of surface and protection of materials».
  • Start of project "Development of physical principles of a high-strength multi-layer thermal barrier nanolaminate coatings based on quantum-splitting effect of the plasmon resonance" activities under RFBR grant 16-08-00527.
  • We are preparing reports for ECOSS 32 conference.

Expertise practice

  • Studies of failure reasons of homogenization valve in food industry equipment.