Projects fullfilled by SPRG

  1. Project of EU 6th Framework programme SEMINANO NMP4-CT--2004-505285 "Physics and Technology of Elemental, Alloy and Compound Semiconductor Nanocrystals: Materials and Devices" - Contract with European Commission.
  2. Project state contact with FASIE No. 3662р/4844 "Studies of peculiarities of formation and properties of semiconductor nanocrystals for production nanoelectronic devices prototypes with improved technological and exploitation performance".
  3. INTAS international cooperation projects: 94-1507, 96-2302, 97-0181, 97-31994, 00-0064.
  4. International project RFBR-Spain "Influence of size factors on anomalous heat conductivity of ensembles for thin-film coatings on the base of amorphous and nanocrystalline complex nitrides with nanostructures of pure metals" 11-02-93981 INIS_a.